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Pet Pics

These pics are of Kimmy. My dog before Scooter.

Scooter at 8 weeks old

Scooter didn't realise he was a dog. He loved cats and couldn't

understand why cats we met on walkies, would run away. He was very happy though when

one particular cat used to run to meet him. nuzzle him and come with us on our walk.

Scooter enjoying a biscuit.

Dog Tired! Age 15

This is Scooter. He owned me. He was half Staffordshire Bull Terrier and half King Charles Spaniel.

He was 16 years old .

Scooter was 16, nearly 17, when he had to be put to sleep due to his heart just giving up on him. I miss him a great deal.

The picture below was a gift from a friend. Mary Alice Moonflower

click above to visit her beautiful website.

These are my two rats Blaze and Flame.

Sadly Blaze and Flame, sisters,died within months of each other

with cancer aged around 2 and a half.

These are a few of my cats that I had many years ago. I had 24.

They had good comfortable cats beds and still all crammed into a box.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scooter was brought up with these cats and I don't think he knew he was a dog, just another cat.


Glenn with Squirmal the polecat, Scooter's best friend. They would play together for ages.


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