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These pathways are my way of getting people to look from another perspective. Some are meditative others are not pleasant but designed to make you stop and think. If Pathway 2 turns just one person against the barbaric foxhunt then I will have succeeded.

Pathway 1.


Follow me, for I shall lead you to the pathways you must tread. We will walk to the edge of the forest. You must enter alone. Be assured there is no one in this place but you and the animals that dwell here. They are not afraid of you but may not show themselves. One or more may choose to accompany you. Those that do so are of significance to you alone. Enter. The moonlight with show the path.


As you walk this path listen to the whispering of the trees. Do they speak to you? Hear them. Feel at one with them.


At the end of the path is a clearing bathed in the light of the new moon. In the centre is a pool. Undress and step into the pool. The water will be cool on your skin but not cold. Rest your head on the grassy bank and let your body be submerged in the water's silky embrace. You are being cleansed , healed and purified, ready for the other pathways that you must follow.


When you are ready, step from the pool, you will be dry on emerging from the water. Dress and make your way back down the path. Your animals will be with you. Before you leave the forest, thank the trees for their protection and the animals for their company.


Step from the forest. I will be waiting. This was your first pathway.


Welcome. We meet again. You are ready for your second pathway. Some paths will be pleasant others will be painful but you must learn from them all.

Today our path leads into the countryside. I will leave you on the edge of this field. You must follow the path. A vixen will meet you. At the moment of meeting your spirit will merge and become one with the fox.

You are watching your young cubs playing together, rolling, chasing and full of the joy of life. Suddenly you stiffen. You hear or smell danger. You bark a warning to your young and they run to earth. Now you can hear the baying of hounds and the pounding of hooves. You must lead them away from your young. They are the future and must be protected. You break cover and run. In an instant the pack have your scent and are on your trail. Faster and faster you run, twisting and turning, seeking an escape. Mile after mile. Your breath is becoming laboured, your heart is pounding, your legs are losing their strength. They are gaining fast. The two legged ones are urging on the pack. You make one last effort but you have nothing left to give except your life.

You turn and watch death approach. They are upon you. You scream in torment as they tear you limb from limb and your last thought through your pain is of your motherless cubs. It is over.

At the moment of death your spirit separates and you are back to where I am waiting. Learn from this experience. You must teach others. Only in learning can things be changed. We will meet again soon.


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