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Favourite Links

Jojo's Website.

This is an interesting and fun site. there are some great photographs.

Mouseys Gallery

Visit this site for beautiful photographs. Flora and fauna.

One fantastic website with fantastic photos and graphic art.

John Two-Hawks

A great site with some wonderful music and words of wisdom.

Native Circle.

Another great site from John Two-Hawks.

This is a wonderful site with fantastic flute music and incredible photography. Scott August is a great flute player and a Nammy winner.


Interesting site with great links to great music, to Native craft suppliers and to her own Trading Post with handmade crafts.


Great music from this singer/songwriter team. Not just songs, but a way to promote humanitarian issues too.

Bruce Barham

Great music site. Bruce is a very talented guy. I just love his Dancing Kokapeli track.


Wonderful music and singing. So relaxing. Beautiful voices.

Charles Littleleaf

More beautiful, meditative and healing flute music, I've heard Amazing Grace (Trail of Tears) played in many ways but never like this, it is haunting. A really great website beautifully designed by Vicky Littleleaf.


Sam Silverhawk

For the most beautiful Native American graphics, for website design and hosting, and some of the most fantastic handmade jewellery I've seen. You can spend hours on this site as there is so much to see.

Brian Hammill

A wonderful dancer (his Hoop Dance is magnificent) and a great traditional flute player too.

Suzuki Music

This is where I bought my Q-Chord from. If you want to know what a Q-Chord is then this is the site to visit. They also sell a variety of other musical instruments and they are extremely helpful and obliging. Please take a look.

Each time you click you see a different website.


This site is all about the area where I live.

Deer with horns

This site is beautiful. It is a great source of information, great poetry, wonderful pictures and has a warmth that invites you back again and again. Be prepared to spend a lot of time here.


This site will tell you all you need to know about foiling. It's easy and great fun.This is a good site.

U.K. Wolf Conservation Trust
This is in Berkshire, England. The wolves live in a woodland area. The wolves here are socialized so that people can interact with them and see that they are not the "big bad wolf" they are ofter portrayed to be. The cubs that were born to them were not handled and are living in natural surroundings in a wildlife park in Kent, England



This is a great site to hear new bands that are trying to get their music played. You can review bands in whatever style of music you choose and you earn points for each review you write. It is good fun here.


Please visit this site. It is important to protect artists copyright.


Buffalo Trails Trading Post.

A lot of very interesting stuff on here.


Sound of America Records has the biggest and best collection of Native American Music and Videos. Really great stuff here, good prices and prompt service