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Encaustic Art

Brief description of how to do encaustic art.

Use good quality waxes for the best pigment colour. If you just want to experiment then childrens' wax crayons will give you a rough idea of the results you can get. Use a small travel iron with any non-stick surface removed with very fine glasspaper. You will need to test different temperatures on the iron to determine the best melting heat without the wax being too runny or burning. Use shiny card only for painting on as a flat paper will absorb the wax.

Now rub the wax on to the iron, say blue for sky, and run the iron over the top few inches of card. Clean iron with tissue then add green to the iron and slightly overlapping the sky move the iron in a slow wavy motion across the card. This should give the impression of rolling hills in the background. Wipe the iron clean again then add darker shades of green, a touch of brown, a spot or two of yellow or purple to cover the top half of the iron then place the iron down on the bottom half of the card under the hills and just lift straight up. You should have a foliage effect. Repeat until all the bottom half if covered. Use the side or tip of the iron to "draw" in grasses etc.

If you don't want to do landscapes then just put splodges of colour all over the iron and either wiggle the iron over the card or just lift it straight up and see what happens.


Just have fun and keep practicing, soon you'll be producing great fantasy pictures.

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