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A Walk Through Footscray Meadows.

This is our entrance to a place of peace and beauty. Walk with me to the beginning of this little wood.


Here we enter this peaceful place. Follow the path and it will lead you to the river.

Hear the songs of the birds and the rustlings of small creatures. You may see the odd grass snake but they are harmless.

Just emerging from the wood onto the river bank.

Here we have emerged from the wood and through the leaves you can see the light shining on the water as the river flows past.

Now we have a clearer view of this clear sparkling water.

This bridge is called Five Arches. O.K. I know you can only see three but I wasn't about to wade out to the middle of the river to get all five in.

This is the view back the way we came taken from the top of the bridge.

Looking towards the river from further upstream.

Swans are so graceful.

Taken from further upstream All five arches.

I hope you enjoyed this ramble through a bit of England.

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