Wolves are generally a very misunderstood species. Due to stories like "Red Riding Hood", "Three Little Pigs" etc, the myths of the wolf being the 'baddie' have been perpetuated. Of course the wolf will take livestock for food since their natural food has been depleted by overhunting and environmental changes.

Because the herdsmen have got used to the wolf not being around they often have not bothered with any protection for their herds, such as dogs etc,where the wolves are being reintroduced, they are losing quite a few animals as, unprotected, they are easy pickings,but if they had guard dogs the wolves would look elsewhere for food.

The human race could learn a great deal from the wolf about social structure, family life and faithfulness. The wolf, in many ways, is more civilized than man.


© The UK Wolf Conservation Trust.


These are two of the wolves at the UK Conservation Trust in, Berkshire, England. Their names are Kodiak and Kenai.

Wolf Walk.

I have walked with the wolves. What a wonderful experience it was. To actually meet these beautiful animals. To be able to touch them and learn more about them. The walk is through some of the most beautiful pine forest, some parts are very steep, both down and up, there are streams and a very peaceful lake. I would quite happily have moved in if they'd let me. I really felt at home there. There are tall ferns which the wolves love to dive into. Wolf and handler disappear into these ferns and, amid much rustling and bits of fern flying everywhere, eventually re-emerge with bits of bracken attached. The wolves enjoy it, I don't know about the handlers' but they look as if they do. What a wonderful job! No wonder they smile so much. There were a group of us going walking with the wolves and we had been given a talk by the Director of the Trust, Roger Palmer. Then I heard a noise behind me and turned to look into the woods and there were five wolves and their handlers walking towards us. The wolves were so excited that there were people to meet, they were straining at their chains to reach us. That first sight was WOW!

Just before our first meeting.

I held out my clenched fist for the wolf to sniff as we had been told, but she didn't stop there she went right up my arm licking as she went. I had been truly 'wolfed'.

Some of the group making friends.

More bonding.

On the walk.

I love the markings on this wolf's face.

Isn't this lake just beautiful?

See what the wolves think of it on page 2.

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