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Utah trip 2003 to Salt Lake City, Yellowstone and St.George.

For video clips Utah 2003 click here and here

Video clips from Sweden 2003 Clip 1 clip 2 clip 3

Some of my photos from my Utah trip 2002 can be seen at the link below.

Photos -

Here is a video with views of Salt Flats, Butterfield Canyon, a lovely lady in her fabulous shop, Tooele,

Stockton and Arches and a couple of clips from a Festival of Cultures. The music is 'Their Land'

made by me in Acid.

Click here

New- short video clips of Jazz in the Park.

click here

NEW - pics - Jazz in the Park and IS2001

Click here

New - Scenic pics of Snow Canyon, ST. George, Utah and Zion Park

Click here

Short video made by me.

I haven't quite got the hang of this video thing yet but I'm getting there.

I took all of the pictures in my local park. The goose was trying to eat my lense cover.

The seagulls were fighting the ducks for bread. The Charter Oak tree is over 200 years old.

Click above for walk in the park vid.

Video-Clips from Douglas Spotted Eagles Indian Summer performance 2000.


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