Mo's View




Watching a programme on TV tonight I started wondering if there is an entirely faithful man in existence anywhere. Talking to friends and from personal experience I would say not. Men just do not seem to be capable of fidelity. The few that do seem to be probably just havenít been found out yet. Some seem quite happy to boast about their conquests. Would they be so happy about it if it were their wives that were being unfaithful? Oh no. That would be an entirely different agenda. Talk about double standards!!!!!! While men regard each otherís Ďbits on the sideí as menís perks they donít expect their wives to behave the same way. When a man gets found out he usually says that it didnít Ďmeaní anything it was Ďjustí sex. Isnít it always? They say they really love their wives and it was just a fling. Well that is bull. The only person they love is themselves. When you truly love someone you DONíT sleep around. That goes for both sexes. Iím just curious if anyone knows the whereabouts of the very rare species of male who can actually say no or are they all extinct?