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Joans Garden

These photos are of an extraordinary garden belonging to my friend Joan. You never know quite what you will find next, there is a suprise round every corner. All of the dolls and sculptures were made by Joan. There are fairies everywhere plus a bubble machine which wafts bubbles all around the garden. Join me on a walk through this magical place.

This is the first pond you come to, on the patio.

This little one is hiding behind the rocks.

Can you see the little figure hiding here?

Doesn't she look sweet?

You can see the bubbles here.

Joan found a good use for all those internet CD's you keep getting sent to you.She has put them in the corners of her splash pool and they look great when the sun shines on them. If you stick two back to back with thread in between you can hang them from trees or make windchimes. They look very pretty.

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