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A man of many talents.

Winner, along with Tom Bee, of the first ever Native American Grammy Award. Nominated for a second the following year.

Singer, musician, producer, author and composer.

His music has been heard worldwide in films, videos, tv commercials and on other artist's CD's.

Douglas has 14 CD's of his own and is working on the 15th.

Something to look forward to.

As well as all his musical talents Douglas also does presentations on streaming media and hosts forums on the same subject.

An excellent teacher too.

His video, 'First Breath', is excellent for anyone wanting to learn to play the Native American flute.

The new Video 'The Way of the Pow Wow' produced by Indigenous Pictures and Indian Summer Festivals, Inc. A very informative and entertaining video. A real must for anyone interested in the Pow Wow.

If you get a chance try to see Douglas on the V.A.S.S.T. tours around the US. A must see for anyone interested in streaming media, video and audio.

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